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1 About

This is a place for me to either post or link to things that I've written. I write things for two reasons: to stop thinking about it or to stop talking about it.

When an idea is only in my head, it is still very malleable. This has the side effect that I continually return to it to see if my thinking about it has changed, or to see if there is some aspect that I have overlooked. The act of writing it serves as a crystallisation process, particularly if I can pretend that I am writing for others to see. Once it is written, I no longer have to hold it in my head and can therefore think about other things safe in the knowledge that if I want to think about it again then I can do so.

With some topics, I find myself saying the same thing time and time again. For these, I like to be able to point to a place where I've written it down. Not only does this save me from repeating myself, but it also ensures that I can say all that I want to say on a particular topic without feeling as though I'm overwhelming whoever I'm talking to.

This website is written pseudonomously. It is not anonymous, it's not hard to work out who I am, but my intention is that what I write should stand on its own and not gain its import from who wrote it. I've also not given a direct way to contact me. For some things there are standard ways (such as via bug trackers). For others, if you really want to contact me about it then I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you can't, you obviously didn't really want to contact me after all.

2 Technology

Over the years I've experimented with lots of ways of maintaining a website. The system behind this one is a git repository containing LaTeX files in a hierarchy of directories. Each LaTeX file corresponds to one webpage here. They are converted to XHTML+MathML by TeX itself.