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1 The Poster

The above is not a very high resolution version, in aid of those on slow internet connections. To accommodate those wanting a higher resolution version, here is a PDF version which can be converted to an image at any desired resolution using standard image conversion tools.

2 The Licence

This poster is released under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence. In short, this means the following.

It is not public domain, I retain the copyright to it. However, you are free to use it and redistribute it subject to the following conditions:

3 Construction

The poster came about because I wanted something that showed that mathematics is built up from many areas, and that different areas had different flavours. Each picture and question should be explainable to school students.

I had a bit of help from friends on G+ with refining some of the pictures and questions.

On the technical side, the picture was created using LaTeX with TikZ. The format of the picture is that of a TikZ mindmap, and the font is TeX Gyre Bonum. The whole thing weighs in at about 400 lines of code.